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Have you heard me share about Plexus Worldwide plant based nutritional supplements and how they have changed my life?  If not, here's my story of why I passionately share Plexus every day!

It was Summer of 2016 - I was on maternity leave with my 3 girls, Adalyn being just 8 weeks old, and I had to go back to work the following week.  I was completely stressed out, constantly on edge and yelling at the kids, eating all kinds of junk food, and I was the largest size in clothes ever and the highest weight I had ever been.  The photo below was at the zoo - I am sure you can see how unhappy I am with how I look and feel.  I had to even go out and buy 6 pairs of shorts/capris to go on this mini vacation because I couldn't fit into any of my clothes.

I was miserable with the fact I had to go back to work the following week, which would add even more stress into my life with my full time job and leave my babies once again.  I decided I needed to get my confidence and my life back on track somehow.  So the final week of maternity leave I finally tried a sample of the Slim that I had won in a drawing 9 months earlier.  Since it was recommended by a nurse practitioner friend of mine, all plant based, natural and safe for me as a nursing mom - I gave it a try.  In just 5 days of using it - It made a huge difference in my mood, energy, and sugar cravings!!!  I felt amazing - relaxed, happy, and full of energy!  I went back to work, still nursing a few times a night and getting around 5 hours of sleep - but had energy to spare!

I jumped in to the business side to get my products at the best cost - knowing these products already made a huge difference in my life and I knew so many people who may be struggling with the same issues.  Since then, I have lost countless inches, over 30 lbs of weight loss and am getting so close to my wedding weight after almost 13 years!  My energy is amazing, my confidence is back, and I am full of life again!  My girls have a happy, confident mom and role model they deserve - and also love the kids products and pink drink for themselves too!

As of June 2018, I was able to leave my corporate job and focus on my Dream Lily Designs and Plexus businesses full time - as well as stay home with my girls!  I love helping moms find the right accessories for all occasions and help them improve their health and their families health so they can live their best lives!

My purpose of sharing Plexus with you is to bring hope to you or someone you know who may be struggling with getting healthy, finding energy to be active, struggling to pay the bills, and overall getting the most out of life. 

I know many of you who love my hair bows are new moms and may have a story very similar to mine - so if you stumble upon this page and would like to know more information, please message me through facebook, text or email.  I am happy to share more and help personalize a product set to fit your needs.   

The time is now to invest in your health - do it for you and do it for your family!  Everyone benefits when mom is happy and healthy!

After Plexus (I take a lot of photos now, but here is a recent one - Dec 2018) - By the way, this was the first time I wore this dress since before I had kids 9 years earlier!!!:

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