Top 10 Most Popular Girls Hair Bow and Headband Styles for 2020

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Top 10 Most Popular Girls Hair Bow and Headband Styles for 2020

The hottest and most popular hair bow and headband styles for 2020 are here!  Dream Lily Designs is always on the lookout for adorable and affordable styles for your little one!  Join our email list for new product announcements so your always on top of the trends!

Top 5 Headband Styles:

  1. Nylon fabric bow headbands - Super popular because they are large but light - and the nylon bands fit newborn to children of all ages because they are very stretchy!  Beautiful, bold colors and various styles of bows too!  Check them out here.
  2. Soft Knot Headbands - Super soft and comfortable for babies, children and moms too!  Check out the little ones here - and if you love mommy and me styles, check these out!
  3. Classic Boutique Bow Headband - Never goes out of style and super adorable!  These 6" Boutique bows mounted on elastic headbands make the perfect accessory for any occasion! 
  4. Unicorn Headbands - Still super popular among our toddlers - girls - and a best seller at craft shows for sure!  Make sure your little girl has one for dress up or wearing any day!  Click here to check them out!
  5. Elastic Headbands - The most versitile product that can be worn on its own or with a bow - it allows any baby, regardless of amount of hair, be able to enjoy all the hair bows they could ever want!  With a clip loop to clip the bow into, you can mix and match any headbands and bows together for every outfit!  Many styles to choose from here!

Top 5 Hair Bow Styles:

  1. Glitter Cheer Bows - Cheerleader or not - these are the perfect bows for girls age 6-18 for showing school spirit!  All Cheer bows can be personalized with school logos, names, sport, or anything else!  Check out the Glitter Cheer Bows here.
  2. Faux Leather & Glitter Bows - Super trendy and sparkly!  These bows work great for little girls and the older ones too!  Check them out here!
  3. Baby Snap Clips - Super popular and a great option for newborn baby gifts!  These snap clips slip in with ease and stay put - even in the finest baby hair!  Check out these best sellers here!
  4. Ribbon Sculpture Clips - Unique and special sculpture clips make the perfect accessory for special holidays and every day outfits too!  One of the most popular products at a craft show because they are unique - and so adorable!  Check them out here!
  5. Character Hair Bow Clips - Sometimes the best way for girls to start and love wearing bows is to start them off with their favorite Character bows!  Hundreds of options from your favorite characters from TV and Movies, plus your favorite sports teams!  Check out all the options here!

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