Best Hair Bows for a Newborn Baby Gift

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Are you a new mom, grandma or aunt looking for the best hair bows for a newborn baby gift?  Don't worry - your in the right place!  Whether the baby has no hair, a little hair or a lot of hair, there are lots of great options for everyone's favorite style in every color too!  If the baby hasn't been born yet - get some of each to be ready!  Then stock up once you find your favorites!  

Here are my favorite picks:

  • Baby with no hair yet
    • Headbands are the way to go!  There are plenty of great options depending on your favorite style.  Some of my favorites are ones with the nylon headbands, especially for newborns because they won't leave marks and they start small but are very stretchy as they grow. 
    • As the baby gets older, the fold over elastic style headbands are my favorite as they stay on very well and will last you a long time too!  I have plain elastic bands with a "clip loop" to add any style hair clip to mix and match, or headbands with flowers or bows already permanently attached too!  These will stretch so the girl can wear them for many years as they get older too!
  • Baby with fine hair
    • Baby Snap Clips are my favorite - and my most popular product too!  Super light and easy to snap in and they hold even the finest hair so well!  There are a variety of styles with various bow types and colors - check them out here!
  • Baby with lots of hair
    • Congrats - the world of hair bow clips is at your fingertips!  If you can put the hair into a tiny ponytail (or pigtails) - you are ready to start using the alligator style hair clips!  There are thousands to choose from - so find your style and start trying them!  I suggest starting smaller - 3" or so until the hair grows in thicker to support the bows better.  Here some of my favorite hair bows for little girls!

Thanks for checking out my products - and feel free to message me at any time if your looking for something specific or need advice.  I love helping new moms make sure their babies are as cute as possible!  

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